Automotive industry

Special testing machine for draw bead tests

Determination of the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets

Special testing machine 20 kN for Draw-Bead tests

This testing machine allows to determining the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets in automotive manufacturing. Those sheets are used e.g. for engine bonnets, car wings, doors or pillars. The corresponding test procedure is the draw-bead-test. The objective is to ensure an optimal deep-drawing process.

The testing sheets can have up to 50mm width, 400mm length and a height of 2mm. For this purpose, the special testing machine features two controlled axes: a vertically arranged pull-off axis which pulls the test specimen through the jaws and a horizontally arranged clamping axis which hold the test specimen in the lower clamping device. Forces up to 50 kN are applied for the contract pressure. The pull-off speed is up to 150 mm/s.

For this reason, the working chamber is enclosed from all sides and secured by electrically locked safety doors. The testing machine can only be moved when the safety doors are closed.

The clamping jaws are equipped with ball-bearing support stop rollers to prevent curved samples, e.g. during friction force tests, from veering off course. Two thermocouples are available in addition to record the jaw temperatures. Thanks to this diversity, several test types can be run, which in addition, can be freely configurated by the operator.


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