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Torsion testing device Inspekt T200H

Torsion testing device

Torsion testing device inspekt 200H

Fields of application:

Torsional load on specimens made of different materials at static tests, e. g. :

  • plastic materials, composite materials
  • srews, drive shaft
  • torsion tests on wires according to DIN ISO 7800 and ASTM A938 as well as alternating torsion tests on wires according to DIN EN 2002-13
Universal testing machine inspekt mini

Universal testing machine inspekt solo

Material testing machines up to 2,5 kN

The universal testing machine inspekt solo is a very lightweight testing machine, which has been designed for simple standard tests or customer-specific, more challenging tests. It stands out due to its convincing cost/performance ratio and the user-friendly manner of operation. In connection with the testing software LabMaster, inspekt solo universal testing machines can determine material characteristics of wires, foam plastics, elastomers, plastics, paper, cardboard, textiles, foodstuffs, and components in a quick and easy way.

Universal testing machine inspekt table blue

Universal testing machine inspekt table blue

Material testing machines up to 20kN

The material testing machines of the series inspekt table blue are especially suitable for standard applications in quality assurance. Due to the high demand for cost-efficient testing machines, inspekt table blue has been equipped with a simple, but multifunctional load frame. Depending on the demands and complexity of the testing task, it is possible to carry out tests with or without an external computer.

inspekt 600kN P.U.MA.

Hot stamping of microstructures

Precision forming machine inspekt 600kN P.U.M.A.

  • Branch: research

Within the scope of a research project with the Fraunhofer Institute IWU in Chemnitz, the fundamental feasibility of a technology for the hot stamping of non-metallic materials in the high temperature range was examined...  

Universal testing machine inspekt table

Universal testing machine inspekt table

Material testing machines up to 250kN

The material testing machines of the inspekt table series have been designed for universal application in many different sectors of industry. Typically, they are employed in incoming and outgoing goods departments, research and development, and material testing laboratories. Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH attaches great importance to the reliability and flexibility of its machines. Thus, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH uses only high-quality components.

Universal testing machine inspekt

Universal testing machine inspekt

Material testing machines 100kN to 1500kN

The inspekt series of universal testing machines offers the highest mechanic precision of all Hegewald & Peschke machines. It is also characterised by its first-class frame stiffness, modern control electronics, and a convincing cost/performance ratio. The size of the test spaces of the individual machines can be customized. Naturally, it is also possible to add one or more test spaces. Thus, the top-quality, rugged machines can be used for almost any testing task at the best reliability and accuracy.

Testing machine for the university research

Testing of metals and alloys in research

Universal testing machine Inspekt 250 kN

  • Branch: education and research

This universal testing machine Inspekt 250 kN is used in basic university research in the field of production technology. For this purpose, the universal testing machine is equipped with a hydraulic clamping device which enables optimum clamping of these short tensile specimens...

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN/50kN (lateral test room)

Tensile testing of metals and plastics at various temperatures

Universal testing machine 100kN with lateral test room 50kN and temperature chamber

  • Branch: metal and plastics industry 

The universal testing machine inspekt 100kN with lateral test room 50kN was constructed for the tensile testing of metals and plastics at high and low temperatures...

Glass testing machine

Static puncture tests and bending tests on glass

Glass testing machine inspekt S 50kN

  • Branch: glass industrie

The glass testing machine inspekt S 50kN was developed for die pressing tests can be carried out on glass per ISO 614 and bending tests per DIN EN 1288-3 up to a maximum load of 50kN...

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN with warm tensile device

Metal tensile testing in accordance to DIN EN ISO 6892-2

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN for tensile testing at elevated temperatures

  • Branch: metal industry, research and education 

In metal tensile tests carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6892-2, the warm stretching limit of a material is determined. Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has equipped the Inspekt 250kN universal testing machine with an extended testing chamber as well as a hinged 3-zone furnace (up to 900°C) for this... 


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