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Universal material testing machine 1500kN with hydraulic clamping device
Universal testing machine Inspekt 1500 kN
Universal material testing machine with screw type wedge action grips
Universal testing machine Inspekt 1000 kN with wedge specimen grips

Universal testing machine Inspekt

Material testing machines 100 kN to 2.500 kN

The universal testing machine Inspekt offers high-class mechanic precision, frame stiffness and modern control electronics. Customers also profit from the convincing cost/performance ratio. The top-quality, rugged machines can be used for almost any testing task.
The size of the test spaces of the individual machines can be customized. Naturally, it is also possible to add one or more test spaces.

Load frame

The load frames of the Inspekt material testing machines are available in different sizes for loads between 100kN and 1500kN. Additionally, the standard version offers possibilities to connect different kinds of accessories, like temperature chambers, high-temperature kilns or extensometers. The moving crosshead is driven by a digitally controlled AC servo motor and two free from play pre-stressed ball screw spindles units (up tp 300kN ball screws, 400kN and higher: horizontal threaded spindle). Thus, the Inspekt universal testing machines have a large, continuously variable range of speeds. Specimens can be positioned exactly and reproducibly. If necessary, it is possible to move at very low speeds.
For set up, universal testing machines Inspekt are equipped with RMC 7 panels, which include a load-position display. The driving spindles are protected from excessive contamination by a set of bellows. To guarantee high lateral stiffness, the moving crosshead is supported by four solid guiding columns.

Load measurement

Reliable load measurement in the universal testing machine Inspekt is ensured with the help of a resistive wire strain measuring devices. The electronics allow for class 1 measuring accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 7500 in the range of 0.4 to 100% nominal load. As an option, it is even possible to get class 0.5 measuring accuracy. As all load cells are equipped with sensor plugs, automatic detection of set-up and calibration parameters can be guaranteed.

Measuring and controlling system

The measuring and controlling system of the universal testing machine series Inspekt has been especially designed for the use in material testing machines. Hence, load-, position-, and extension-controlled tests are possible. All elements of power supply, machine and motor control are stored in one closed control cabinet. A digital controller is responsible for the control of the machine and synchronous data acquisition. Communication with an external PC is established with a USB or LAN port.

Traceability of measured data

All inspekt material testing machines are calibrated before delivery. The calibration data of all sensor devices are registered and stored in the sensor plugs of the load cells or extensometers. If the sensor devices are exchanged later, the controller can readout the respective data. It is thus not necessary for the customer to calibrate the new sensor locally again.

Industrial safety devices

For splintering, flogging or exploding samples, reliable operator protection is essential. To ensure the protection of the operator at any time, the load frames of the inspekt material testing machines can be equipped with different safety devices. This includes, for example, a safety door or complete safety enclosures with electrical locking. The safety devices are controlled by the testing software LabMaster – a development of the Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH. Moreover, the load cells of the universal testing machines inspekt are equipped with special overload protection and the machines have an electronic and mechanic crosshead travel limitation and an internal check programme.


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