Plastics industry

pipe testing machine
Testing machine inspekt S50 for ring stiffness testing

Nominal ring stiffness testing of plastic pipes

Universal testing machine inspekt S 50kN with a working area width of 750mm

The nominal ring stiffness characterises the strength behaviour of plastic pipes in the construction, electrical and water/waste water industries and is subject to European standards. 

The nominal ring stiffness describes the resistance of a pipe to deformation by means of a vertically acting force. The nominal ring stiffness is determined by measuring force and deformation of the pipe at a constant deformation speed according to DIN EN 9969. For the purpose of ergonomically testing the pipe sections, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has developed a 50kN testing machine in a 4-column configuration with a broadened working area of up to 750mm. A deformation measuring device with a large measuring area, developed specifically for this standard, guarantees precise determination of the pipe deformation. With the universal testing machine Inspekt S 50kN it is also possible to determine the ring flexibility per EN 1446  and the minimum compressive strength according to DIN EN 50086. 

Using the LabMaster software block program (free generation of test process specifications), it is possible to generate arbitrary standard requirements quickly and assuredly.


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