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Testing of non-woven fabrics and textiles in medical technology

Determination of tensile strength and tear strength according to EN ISO 13934-1, EN ISO 13937-2 and EN ISO 9073-4

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Forschungslabor Möbelprüfung

Romanian research cluster benefits from Hegewald & Peschke know-how in the field of furniture testing

Hegewald & Peschke equips a complete testing laboratory in Romania with its Calmar one component and furniture testing technology

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Materialprüfung Druckversuch

Testing the properties of rocks under the influence of temperature

Testing system for the Institute of Geotechnics at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

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Device for measuring the thickness profile
Tensile testing machine for screws

Tensile test on screws for the automotive industry

Italian automotive supplier tests with inspekt table 250 kN

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Material testing machine used for Brinell hardness testing

Application diversity with the inspekt table 100kN

Croatian university tests with universal testing machine from Hegewald & Peschke

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Testing of fine-blanking parts for the automotive industry

Testing of fine-blanking parts for the automotive industry

Testing machine from Hegewald & Peschke supports development and production at SCHERDEL

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Tensile testing machine for tests on ceramics

Testing machine for research tasks of the IKTS Dresden

Tensile tests on ceramics with high displacement resolution

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Prüfung von elektrischen Bauteilen

Testing of charging technology for electromobility

Testing systems for electrical components delivered to global market leader and innovator in electrical engineering

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Modernised universal testing machine inspekt desk 50 kN from Hegewald and Peschke

Sustainable testing technology for materials testing

Czech aluminium forging plant opts for testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

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