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Modernised universal testing machine inspekt desk 50 kN from Hegewald and Peschke

Sustainable testing technology for materials testing

Czech aluminium forging plant opts for testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

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Testing of force sensors, force transducers and load cells up to 50 kN

Testing of force sensors, force transducers and load cells

Calibration machine for the highest accuracy requirements delivered to the Weights and Measures Office Leipzig

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Aluminium testing with the universal testing machine inspekt 50kN

New universal testing machine for Hammerer Aluminium Industries at the Soest site

Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI), headquartered in Austria, has been a satisfied customer of Hegewald & Peschke since 2007. Several inspection systems have been supplied to HAI since then. In 2015,...

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Mattress testing rig for hardness and durability testing in one test stand

One test bench, two test tasks

Combined test rig for hardness and durability of mattresses

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Test room of universal testing machine inspekt 100kN for belleville springs

Disc spring testing with the universal testing machine inspekt 100kN

Hegewald and Peschke equip Chinese development centre of ZF Friedrichshafen

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Material testing machine for the testing of hypodermic needles

Breaking strength of hypodermic needles

Hegewald & Peschke has testing solution for manufacturers of medical technology

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New development: Rotational impact tester for impact tests

Hegewald & Peschke launches new testing machine for highly dynamic tests.

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universal testing machine for load tests on shelving systems

Load tests on shelving systems

Testing machine tests the safety of SCHULTE shelving

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Test bench for chair and table testing according to DIN EN 1728 and DIN EN 1730

Testing of chairs and tables according to DIN standard

Hegewald & Peschke equip IHD Dresden with another furniture test bench

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Hardness tester for hardness testing according to Brinell and Vickers

Universal hardness tester for materials testing laboratory

The company Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH was founded in 1949 and today is one of the best equipped testing laboratories in Europe. The range of testing services includes tensile tests, bending tests,...

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