Delivery of an universal testing machine Inspekt 100kN for low-frequency tensile and compression tests under temperature impact

Universal testing machine Inspekt 100kN with high temperature furnace

In November 2013 the Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH delivered a complex testing plant for the characterization of materials and components in the nuclear industry to Russia. The universal testing machine Inspekt 100 kN was released to the company Tschepezki Mechanitscheski Sawod (TMS) in Glasow/Udmurtien. TMS produces components for nuclear reactors. The requirements on the testing technology are appropriately high.

With the testing machine local operators perform static tensile tests at room and high temperature according to GOST 1497 and ASTM E8, durable tests under temperature influence in accordance with GOST 10145 as well as cyclical tests at high temperatures in accordance with ASTM E606.

The universal testing machine Inspekt 100 kN is equipped with comprehensive accessories for the fulfillment of the customers testing tasks. Via a holding device a high temperature furnace can be driven into the test room. Among others three different clip-on extensometers are available for the Young's modulus determination, for small specimens and for bigger travelling distances up to 25 mm. The strain characteristics at temperatures up to 1500° degrees Celsius are determined with a high temperature extensometer.

Particularly high demands are made on the elimination of parasitical bending stresses. A hydraulic clamping system with restraint-guided both-way synchronously closing clamping pistons guarantees an exact clamping of the specimens. Only a very stiff complete testing system can fulfill the high requirements to the avoidance of adulterant bending stresses. The inspection of the system is carried out according to NADCAP alignment standards (National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

The machine is equipped with a special adjusting device, arranged between load cell and crossbeam. With this adjusting device possibly appearing bending stresses can be compensated.


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