Newly developed PLC control for uniaxial load test stands

Test rig for side to side test

For the uniaxial load test stands for all kinds of chairs and other seat furniture a new control in terms of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was developed at Hegewald & Peschke. The test stands with the PLC are preferentially used in the production accompanying testing according to different national and international norms. The specification for the load precision in the area of furniture testing is 5%. This value was achieved without problems with the aid of the long-standing experiences of H & P in the field of universal testing machines.

The heart of the test stands is the new generation of Siemens controls, a SIMATIC S7-1200 with intuitive 6” touch panel. The test procedures requested by the customer can be preconfigured by the H & P service technicians and stored in the control. It is as well possible to configure test loads and load times freely on your own to remain flexible in future, too.

The constructions work self-sufficiently without connection to a testing computer. It is, however, easily possible to export the recorded test data over a LAN connection to create a test protocol.

The mechanical construction of the new test stands also was revised completely. In favor of an individually adapted frame work for each testing task the so far common standard frame is abdicated. Hereby on the one hand the specimen is accessible easier, what alleviates the specimen change. On the other hand the design of the construction for concrete testing tasks often enables the use of smaller pneumatic cylinders than in the universal test stands. Thus considerable savings in the compressed air consumption and therefore in the cost effectiveness can be reached.

The ranges of application of the new Siemens controls aren't exhausted yet with that, however. Currently the PLC is adapted for other test stands, like the drop test rig, and it is also worked at a test stand without load cells which nevertheless fulfills the required precisions.


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