Bending tests at ceramics

Universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 5kN with bending device for ceramics

A universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 5 kN is used for the testing of ceramic catalysts for the automobile industry at Johnson Matthey. Johnson Matthey is a worldwide acting, leading enterprise in the research and production of special chemicals. A core area of the branch office with its domicile in Redwitz, Germany, is the development and production of special ceramic catalysts which are used for the reduction of nitric oxide emissions in the automobile industry, primarily in trucks.

On these ceramics 3- and 4-point bending tests are carried out with the testing machine before and after the burning process. 4-point experimental setups ensure a bigger measurement range with a constant side load, though due to statistical influences deliver lower strength values than 3-point bending tests. For the standard tests which are carried out at Johnson Matthey within the testing of the ceramic catalysts, the strength of the material is of importance. At ceramic materials this is primarily determined by the size and distribution of production- or processing-related failures like pores or rips  since the break of such materials also emanates from these failures. For tests in the area of research and development further characteristics like the Young's modulus are decisive besides the strength values.









Abb.: 4-point bending test at ceramic materials


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