Development accompanying testing of office chairs

Universal testing machine Inspekt table 20kN with special device for the testing of office chairs

For the testing of a new office chair generation with seat buckets made of two differently hard, die-casted plastics the Wilkhahn Wilkening+Hahne GmbH & Co has obtained a custom-built model of a universal testing machine Inspekt table 20 kN by  Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH KG. Wilkhahn is a German quality manufacturer of swivel chairs, tables and conference tables for office and object equipment. The enterprise pursues the aim of developing particularly sustainable furniture which connect a better usage quality, durable design and longevity. Therefore it attaches great importance to the research in new materials and structural forms.

The universal testing machine has been equipped with a T-groove plate for the fastening of a bending frame for the testing of back rests. By adapting a special compression pad foot crosses be tested can be tested, too. Aim of the testing of the new office chair generation is the more ergonomic and therefore healthier design of back rests. Therefore among others the elasticity of the synthetic materials, of which the seat buckets are manufactured, is checked. After reaching the process reliability of the seat bucket production the universal testing machine is handed over to Wilkhahn's testing center. All quality test for seating furniture, such as foot cross tests, feather tests and stress tests at office chairs, are carried out with the testing machine there.


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