Examination of the mechanical strength of Proppants

Universal testing machine inspekt 300kN

At the end of March, the company Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH delivered a universal testing machine Inspekt 300kN with pressure plates to the company C.A.R.R.D. GmbH to Villach (Austria).
This company is a research centre of the big commodities group IMERYS. C.A.R.R.D. stands for “Center for Abrasives and Refractories Research & Development”, that means the main focus is in the area of abrasives and refractories.Raw materials for abrasive wheels or refractory stones are produces. For this purpose, the company realises several projects in the field of structural and functional ceramics.
Besides the usual measurements of the resistance to compression and bending of ceramic and refractory materials, the testing machine is particularly used for the examination of the mechanical strength of Proppants. These ceramic moulds are applied for the oil and gas production and in the course of this, they must withstand high mechanical forces and in the same time, they must ensure a high flow admissibility – which is given by their shape (e.g. spherical or cylindrical). The Test itself is carried out according to EN-ISO 13503-2. A measuring cell having an interior diameter of 50.8 mm is filled with a constant volume (varies depending on the bulk density) and is afterwards charged with a linear pressure increase (e.g. 0-100 MPa at 460 N/sec). Then the maximum force is kept at a constant level for 2 minutes. After this test, the material is finely sieved. The finest portion generated during the test is used as a measure for the mechanical stability afterwards.


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