Furniture testing machines for China

Universal test field

Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH delivered two furniture testing projects to China this spring.

"Yunnan province product quality supervision and inspection institute" is belonged to Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, located in Yunnan province, southwest of China. It’s main functions are: technical supervision, to improve the quality level, establish an development strategy and related policy  on behalf of government regulations and normative documents. Beyond it is responsible for the product quality credit system construction, quality management and to organize the implementation of the national quality revitalizes compendium jointly with relevant departments. It organize an engineering equipment quality supervision system and undergoes inspection of local manufacturers corporation. They established a furniture laboratory in 2013 as testing and inspection center. Thus the company commissioned from Hegewald & Peschkle an universal test field for alternating bending testing of chairs, upholstery and tables and several smaller testing units, e.g. for stability testing.

The furniture manufacturer “M&Z Furniture corporation” obtained a drop tester as single test rig and endurance testing stations for door and drawer testing as well as a multifunctional test rig for table and chair testing. Estabilished in 1989, the company is located in Chengdu city, Sichuan province southwest of China, it is one of the top10 furniture manufacturer of China market and provides the whole series of products such as domestic chairs, tables, cabinets, office furniture,  and outdoor furniture, They are the advanced partner of Chinese aerospace industry. 

M&Z is always stressing on products research and therefore created a furniture testing laboratory in beginning of 2014. They believe in H&P’s test rig because of the high quality and accuracy, which will bring large benefit to their R&D.

The seating furniture are tested according to the standards EN 1335-3, EN 581-2, EN 581-3, EN 1812 and BIFMA X5.1, the vertical and horizontal table test is carried out according to EN 527-3; 4 and the endurance tests on drawers and leaves according to DIN 68889 pt. 4.3. Both test fields are equipped with actuators, pressure pieces, load cells and testing software LabControl.


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