Inspect 250kN for testing of brake components

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN

The company Knorr Bremse GmbH is a world-leading manufacturer of braking systems, electronic controls and driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles, greatly contributing to safety on the road.
Moreover, Knorr Bremse GmbH is the global leader of braking systems for rail vehicles in short distance and long distance traffic, such as locomotives, freight wagons and high-speed trains. Door systems, air conditioning systems, torsional vibration dampers for diesel engines as well as powertrain systems are also part of the company’s product range.
The productions site Aldersbach had been delivered by the company Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH with a lengthened and broadened universal testing machine Inspekt 250kN for the testing of brake components (standard parts). The machine is equipped with a wedge clamping device, a connection specimen holder, pressure plates, a cutter clamping device, a standard ring testing facility and a long-way strain measurement device MFX. Springs are tested for stiffness with the aid of the pressure test (spring test) according to the standard DIN EN ISO 15800. Bolts are tested for their tensile strength in a tension test according to DIN EN ISO 898-1, and sealing rings must show their elasticity in a ring tension test according to DIN EN ISO 53504.


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