Testing of cast specimens

3-point bending/folding device

The Silbitz Guss GmbH as a foundry for individual, small- and medium-sized series offers their customers a wide range of cast iron products. The company manufactures products in the area of spheroidal graphite iron in a weight range of 15-5,000 kg, as well as in the field of cast steel with a weight up to 8,000 kg according to customer specifications. Typical manufacturing products are for example large-bore pistons for diesel engines, planet carriers for wind and industrial gear drives, base plates for large excavators or carrying axles for trucks.

In their respective areas of application the cast products are exposed to heavy loads. Hence a high reliability of the materials is of great importance for the operating safety of the products. Within the quality assurance different material testings of cast specimens (such as cast iron, ductile iron) are executed therefore at Silbitz Guss GmbH. For that matter a universal testing machine inspect table 250kN by Hegewald & Peschke is used. It tests the tensile and flexural strength of the casting materials force- and strain-controlled. The machine is equipped with different tools. Tensile as well as shoulder specimens are tested by using wedge clamps. Via an adaptation to the wedge clamp also thread specimens can be tested by using a specimen holder. Thus, a simple retooling of the universal testing machine for various specimen geometries is possible without the removal of the wedge clamp. For bending tests according to DIN EN ISO 5173 a special 3-point bending plate can be integrated into the test room (see figure).


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