New PLC-based furniture and component testing system “Calmar I”

Field of application:

Testing of different components and furniture according to various national and international standards.

Features/benefits of the control system:

  • easy handling via a modern touch panel
  • fast loading of preconfigured, standard-based and customer-specific test methods
  • freely configurable testing procedures
  • online visualisation of the tests
  • variety of preconfigured control parameters for outstanding precision and control quality
  • control or regulating concept available
  • optional high-precision force and path control
  • data collection and export opportunity (*.csv) on a PC
  • easy log printing of the test results


The parameterization of the tests is carried out by means of a touch panel, which depicts the real time status of the connected test axis and conduces to the input of reference values and the selection of test procedures. The setting can be done individually and saved as a template or based on a prevalent standard conform template. For example parameters such as the amount of cycles, time intervals, maximum and minimum values can be set. The cycle number, failure messages and a graphical visualization of the test run can be observed. At test end the control automatically saves all for the documentation necessary parameter and allows the export of the data to a computer for test reporting. Our protocol generator enables the direct and comfortable test report release.

Technical data:

  • internal sampling rate: 10-20 ms real time
  • fixed control frequency of 100 ms
  • control accuracy up to ±2 Digits
  • analog digital transformer with 13 bit resolution (smallest digit of 0.6N at 2kN load cell)
  • 20 test templates recordable
  • 2 simultaneous tests at one test rig with multiaxial testing systems
  • 1-, 2- and 4-test axis systems available

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