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Hegewald & Peschke equips TÜV Japan with one of its furniture test benches

Alternating bending test bench for the chair testing

Last month Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has shipped its first furniture test bench to Japan. The two-day orientation of the customer was held in Nossen; the customer conducted the machine installation and training of additional employees on site independently.

The furniture test bench is a testing machine for chairs, specifically for the seat-backrest test according to BIFMA X5.1, the customary German standards – here specifically EN 1335 which requires that the load on the seat shall always be applied vertically, even if the chair deforms during the backrest load. In addition, testing according to BS 5459 can be performed. The special feature of the test is the fact that the seat shall be exposed to the load at two different locations in each cycle. Accordingly, the pressure piece must be moved in between to a different position. This is made possible through a pneumatic auxiliary drive. The pressure piece is able to follow the chair's movement and as a result, the load always acts vertically downward.


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