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Hegewald & Peschke upgrades 6 m high special testing machine by order of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Upgrading of a universal testing machine with three test rooms

The upgraded Universal Testing Machine is a special testing machine which was delivered in 2003 to "Büro Service Mühl" without control unit. Mühl Co. equipped the testing machine with their own control unit and delivered it to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). KIT is a Technical University of the state of Baden-Württemberg as well as national research centre in the Helmholtz Association. Hegewald & Peschke, the measuring and testing technology specialist from Nossen, has already deliv-ered several Universal Testing Machines of the types inspekt and inspekt table to the university in Karlruhe; upgrading the special testing machine built in 2003 is also on the task calendar.

The testing machine is currently employed at the "Test Institute for Steel, Wood and Rock, Wooden structures and Building construction" (Official material testing institute). The approx. 6 m high special testing machine is used to primarily test building components for residential construction, including roof structures with large wooden beams. Fasteners are removed, for example, and threaded joints, etc. are tested.
In addition to the size of the testing machine and its three test compartments (400 kN / 150 kN / 10 kN) the mobile control cabinet represents a unique feature. It contains the control system, PC including monitor and LabMaster software as well as keyboard with integrated mouse as standing workstation. This allows positioning the workstation as needed, depending on the test space utilized and the size of the test specimen.


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