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Hyundai Co. expands its testing equipment by a test bench from Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH

Test bench for testing car seats

Last month, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has furnished Hyundai Co. with a test bench for testing car seats. This is a machine for testing the foam material properties at any desired position. The uniformity of properties over the entire seat and backrest area, using a 50 mm grid, shall also be tested.

The seat can be mounted to the base plate, and the backrest remains in its normal position or is adjusted all the way to the horizontal position; regardless of the configuration, the test axis can reach any point. To enable this scenario, the test axis was installed in a gantry frame. It can move the text axis electrically in three directions. In addition, it can be turned manually by 360 degree by means of the vertical axis and tilted from horizontal to vertical position acting towards the bottom.

Care was taken to arranging the text axis and its suspension in a space-saving manner not to restrict accessibility of corners and angles of the test specimen as much as possible. Another challenge was the transport conditions at the customer site. The machine was designed for this reason to allow its disassembly with little effort and transport in a lift.

Furthermore, the test bench features a transport device for implements that can accommodate the actual specimen during the test. An aluminium crane track system from Eepos was used for this purpose; it can be manoeuvred very easily. Upon request, the originally agreed on speed was increased retroactively via remote maintenance to allow the machine now to be loaded with max. 540 mm/min to 5 kN.


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