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Universal Testing Machine inspekt 250kN delivered to the All in metal AIM automotive supplier from Saxony

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN for the testing of automotive parts

Last month, A.I.M. All in Metal GmbH, located in Lengefeld, Saxony, has purchased a Universal Testing Machine of the type inspekt 250kN from Hegewald & Peschke. AIM specializes in the area of tooling as well as punching and jointing technology. In addition, they are active in the sectors of metal forming, joining technology, cold extrusion as well as pipe forming and bending. The product portfolio includes, amongst others, tank mounts, door hinges and fasteners for rooftop carriers. The new Universal Testing Machine is intended to be used for in-process testing of automotive parts in production.

AIM Co. had already ordered from Hegewald & Peschke in the past. The current Hegewald & Peschke Universal Testing Machine, already upgraded from 100 to 150 kN, will be replaced by the new 250 kN testing machine and shipped to the Markgrönningen location near Stuttgart, which is currently being developed.

The new Universal Testing Machine features a hydraulic clamping fixture as well as a guard door. Especially flat tensile samples from aluminium, stainless steel and a variety of deep-drawn steels shall be tested. Special factory standards (e.g. thread samples welded onto body components by Mercedes) must be complied with. Furthermore, bending tests on sheet metal as well as bands of body components can be performed.


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