Exova Metech A/S expands calibration laboratory by calibration machine Inspekt 600kN

Calibration machine Inspekt 600kN

The Exova Metech group offers their customers worldwide calibration and measuring technology services. Depending on customer requirements the well-equipped calibration laboratories of the enterprise group carry out calibrations according to ISO / IEC 17025 or corresponding to customised quality specifications.

In order to satisfy the growing inquiry for calibration services, the lab of the Exova Metech A/S with headquarter in Lem, Denmark, was expanded by a calibration machine Inspekt 600kN. The machine is equipped with 3 reference load cells for different load areas (600kN, 100kN, 20kN). This ensures the achievement of the necessary accuracy in any case. A separate control and measuring circuit guarantees high precision, measuring accuracy and traceability.

The calibration machine is based on the construction of the universal testing machine series Inspekt. For the application of these universal testing machines as calibration machines the Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has developed and delivered the "calibration module" in its in-house material testing software LabMaster. The functional extent can be used for the inspection of the load measuring equipment of the machine used with LabMaster as well as for the examination of external load measuring instruments. In the present case the machine is used as a calibration machine and the internal load cell is only used for the regulation of the machine. The real reference is, in any case, an external load cell with accompanying measuring amplifier. The measuring amplifier is also integrated into LabMaster, so that the calibration module allows a holistic test procedure as well as the representation and logging of all measuring parameters.


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