Hegewald & Peschke equips new testing centre in Croatia with testing technology

Universal test rig for chairs and tables

Universal testing machine Inspekt table 100kN

Building of the „Pannonian Competence Centre for Wood“

In September 2016 the new building of the "Pannonian Competence Centre for Wood" was opened in the Croatian city Vitrovitica. The institution offers services for small and medium-sized companies from the wood processing sector in Croatia and the region. A main focus of the work lies on the research and development for the woodworking industry as well as for related branches. Therefor the building provides extensive and modern lab technology which forces above all the development of new wooden products with a main focus on nanotechnology and new materials.

Hegewald & Peschke has equipped the test lab with a universal testing machine Inspekt table 100kN and a universal test field for tables and chairs with 4 test axes. This testing technology enables dynamic long-term tests, ageing tests and functional tests on components and finished products as well as static destructive tests on materials.


Safe test results: