Delivery of the 75th universal testing machine with second lateral test room

Universal testing machine with lateral test room

Hegewald & Peschke has recently delivered a universal testing machine with a second lateral testing room. It is the 75th universal testing machine of its type within the last ten years. The testing machine goes to an international renowned steel manufacturer, who will perform tensile and pressure tests on different materials and components.

The previous testing machines with a second lateral testing room are applied in steel and pipe works, in the automotive industry and at universities.

The testing machine is intended for quality controls as well as for research purposes. The fields of application are, as the name universal testing machine says, universal. All applications can be realized as well as individual testing tasks.

A second test room brings major advantages by saving changeover times and costs. Two testing applications can be employed at once. While the first test takes place, the second test room can be prepared for the next test. Often the second test room is used for a high-temperature furnace or a climate chamber. Another advantage of a lateral test room compared with testing rooms one above the other is the ergonomic height while at the same time saving space.


Safe test results: