Bending test on grasses

Universal testing machine for the development of wind resistant cereals

Prüfmaschine Prüfung von Gräsern Getreide

Universalprüfmaschine inspekt mini 3kN für Hochschulforschung

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main has purchased an inspekt mini 3kN universal testing machine for research work. Frankfurt University is characterised by its internationality as well as by its very close link between science and practice.

It is planned to use the inspekt mini 3kN universal testing machine in a temperature chamber. The University of Frankfurt uses it to test organic materials at elevated temperatures, mainly grasses for bending stress. The background is the planned breeding of wind resistant cereal varieties in order to reduce crop losses due to storms.

The inspekt mini 3kN has meanwhile been replaced by the inspekt solo 2.5 kN, which can solve similar testing tasks.


Safe test results: