Standard-compliant testing of screws

Hegewald & Peschke equips Slovakian screw manufacturer with testing machine

"Schraubenprüfung" "DIN EN ISO 10002-1" "DIN EN ISO 6892-1" "DIN EN ISO 3506"

Schraubenprüfmaschine inspekt 250 kN

Hegewald & Peschke delivers a universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN to the Slovakian subsidiary of RIBE. This machine is used for testing screws with standard and fine threads from M3 to M20. Various standards are used for screw testing. For example, the testing of the mechanical and physical properties of screws with threads up to size M39 is laid down in standard 898-1.

In addition, tests are carried out in accordance with the

  • DIN EN ISO 10002-1 (Determination of stress-strain relationship in metallic sheets by means of the uniaxial tensile test),
  • DIN EN ISO 6892-1 (Determination of the conditions for the tensile test on metallic materials),
  • DIN EN ISO 3506-1/2/ (Determination of the mechanical properties of fasteners made of stainless steels).

In addition, metal tensile tests are planned on flat and round standard specimens with the aid of a 250 kN wedge clamp. To clamp the specimen in the testing machine, accessories (specimen clamping plate, clamping jaws, wedge clamping tool) with corresponding head and thread holders are used.

RIBE Slovakia, K.G. is a subsidiary of Richard Bergner Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co KG, based in Schwabach, Germany. RIBE Slovakia has two production plants. The plant in Dubnica nad Vahom is mainly involved in the mass production of screws. The plant is equipped with technologies such as cold forming, heat treatment, rolling and surface treatment. In addition, technical springs and components for the automotive industry are assembled.


Safe test results: