Hardness test with mobility guarantee

KLS Martin Group acquires new e-computest

Portable hardness tester e-computest

Hardness testing in medical technology with the e-computest

The e-computest is a small load wireless portable hardness tester that operates on the Rockwell principle. A big advantage is the ability to test different metals without changing the indenter. The operator simply selects the desired scale, places the tester on the part to be tested, presses the probe and can immediately read the result on the display. Thanks to its special loading system, the e-computest only transfers its specified load, completely independent of the operator's load. The test is carried out according to DIN 50157.

The e-computest can work in different positions and is equipped with different test attachments. These are easy to replace and can be adapted to different test situations.

The e-computest has a number of advantages, starting with wireless charging, quick access and easy report configuration. In addition, additional information such as barcodes, photos, location and notes for testing can be easily inserted. To test very small parts, it can be equipped with a special tripod.

Mobile hardness testers can be optimally used in various industrial sectors, such as medical technology. For example, the KLS Martin Group has recently started testing with an e-computest. The KLS Martin Group specializes in the development and sale of medical technology solutions such as implant systems, high-frequency surgical devices, surgical lasers, sterilization containers, surgical lights, surgical instruments and individual surgical solutions. 


Safe test results: