Standard-compliant furniture testing

Four furniture test benches for Chinese furniture testing laboratory

Mattress testing "EN1957" "ISO 2439" "ISO 3386"

Roll and hardness test bench for mattresses

The most important criteria in furniture testing are functionality and safety. A modern and well-equipped furniture testing laboratory is required to carry out furniture tests at a high level. With this goal in mind, a Chinese testing institute in Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan, has now equipped its testing laboratory with four furniture testing machines from Hegewald & Peschke, thus benefiting from the many years of know-how of the Saxon testing machine manufacturer.

The scope of supply includes, for example, a combined hardness and roll test rig for mattresses. The movement axis of this test stand can be changed from hardness to roll depending on the test requirement. At the end of the test, the roller is raised automatically. A special roll suspension was used for a clean sinusoidal speed curve. The roller is also mounted adaptively, i.e. not rigidly. 

Mattresses and spring cores are tested according to the following standards 

  • EN 1957 (Test method for determining the functional properties and performance criteria of beds and mattresses), 
  • DIN EN ISO 2439 (Determination of hardness of soft-elastic polymeric foams) and
  • ISO 3386 (Compression hardness of soft elastic foams).

The tests are carried out with the test software LabMaster. This software manages the entire test sequence and records and evaluates the results. Movements, program settings and test sequences can be displayed in parallel.

In addition to the hardness and roll test bench, a seat and backrest test bench, a double test bench for side-to-side and armrest testing as well as a test bench for endurance tests on drawers were ordered and supplied.


Safe test results: