Wage gap company builds new production and logistics hall

Equipment of the new testing laboratory with testing machine from Hegewald & Peschke

The contract splitting company L+D Lucas + Durski Spalttechnik GmbH is investing over 3 million € in the construction of a new production and logistics hall and a further splitting plant at its headquarters in Castrop-Rauxel.

The company, which has been successful on the market as an independent wage splitter since 1998, is thus expanding the production hall, which has been in use for 20 years, by an area of 3000 m². Space is created for the installation of a further splitting line as well as the storage, packaging and loading of pre-products and finished products. The new slitting line is planned to round off the product range with narrower strips. In combination with the large-scale plant, an improvement in the capacity of the overall system is also to be achieved.

In addition, a laboratory for carrying out steel analyses will be set up in the hall complex. The steel coils delivered by the customer - partly from abroad - can thus be tested for the promised mechanical properties and their chemical composition. The aim of the company is to provide the owner of the coil with certainty about the quality and usability of his steel within a few hours of receipt and thus to achieve speedy further processing.

The company has opted for a universal testing machine Inspekt table 100kN from the measuring and testing technology manufacturer Hegewald & Peschke to equip the new testing laboratory. The testing system also includes a 100kN wedge clamping tool and a mini MFA-2 strain gauge for carrying out tensile tests on steel strips. The test software LabMaster is used for the free configuration of the test sequences as well as the test evaluation.  

The construction measures are in the final phase. The commissioning of the machines will take place in July. However, several months of intensive experience will probably be required before full performance is achieved.

The company has already recruited and trained several new employees in preparation for the new systems. As a result, the number of employees has increased to over 40. In order to secure the company's long-term future, the company has also been training electronics technicians, machines and plant operators since last year.


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