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Furniture test bay delivered to test laboratory in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Testing laboratory ZEDA with furniture test rigs from Hegewald and Peschke

The accredited testing institute ZEDA in Zenica/Bosnia-Herzegovina (www.zeda.ba) carries out tests on furniture for certification and has already equipped the new testing laboratory with test systems (such as universal furniture testing system, drop test rig, test rig for tilting-drop tests, 3D-measuring device, test rig for long-term tests on drawers, stability of chairs, …) from Hegewald & Peschke for this purpose in 2012.

The good relations have now been underpinned by another joint project. Hegewald & Peschke delivered a universal furniture testing system, which among other things allows the testing of tables, chairs and sofas according to DIN EN 1728, DIN EN 1725, DIN EN 1730, DIN EN 581, DIN EN 1729, DIN EN 1335 as well as BIFMA X5.1.

For the various test applications, the furniture test bay was equipped with suitable accessories. These include, for example, pressure stamps for continuous load tests on seating furniture, pneumatic test axes, a media point for operating the test axes and additional profiles mounted on roller bearings. The furniture testing system and the various test axes are controlled by the component and furniture testing software CalMaster. CalMaster is a flexible testing software for single- and multi-axial testing systems from Hegewald und Peschke MPT GmbH.

The modular concept of the software allows the management of different test axes within one test field. The axes can be variably grouped to different, parallel running test jobs. The configurations can be stored in the form of test templates.


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