Hegewald & Peschke delivers testing machine to Portuguese porcelain and glass manufacturers

Material testing machine Inspekt solo 2.5 kN for bending tests on ceramics

Universal testing machine Inspekt solo for bending tests on ceramics according to ASTM C674

Universal testing machine for bending tests on ceramics

Vista Alegre is a Portuguese company founded in 1824 that produces porcelain and glass. It is one of the most renowned porcelain manufacturers, has already supplied the Spanish royal house with its glass and porcelain and produces porcelain for daily use as well as individual and decorative pieces.

For the testing of ceramics Vista Alegre has purchased one of the newly developed universal testing machines Inspekt solo 2.5 kN with medium overall height. The machine is used during production for 3-point bending tests with displacement sensor according to ASTM C674. The aim is to characterize the properties of ceramics both before and after firing. In addition, tensile tests on polymers are carried out with scissors and pliers clamping tools.

The material testing software LabMaster is used for efficient test execution and evaluation.


Safe test results: