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High temperature test system for stainless steel plant in Malaysia

Schmidt + Clemens invests in testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

Universal testing machine Inspekt 150 kN with high temperature chamber and high temperature extensometer

Schmidt + Clemens GmbH & Co KG is a stainless steel plant founded in 1879 in Frankfurt am Main. Meanwhile the company has branches worldwide, since 2001 also in Malaysia, where stainless steel solutions are produced in centrifugal casting, mould casting, investment casting or as forged components. In 2015 a new plant was opened in Seremban/Malaysia. Here Schmidt + Clements Asia produces centrifugal casting components for the petrochemical industry.

Hegewald & Peschke supplied recently a testing system for this branch plant consisting of a universal testing machine inspekt 150 kN with a high-temperature furnace up to 1250°C for quality control. The testing system is equipped with a high-temperature strain measurement system and thus enables tensile tests on thread and shoulder head specimens according to ASTM E8 and ISO 6892-2. Spherical bearings were used to prevent the specimens from being subjected to transverse forces.


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