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Length measuring machine for use in agricultural engineering

Hegewald & Peschke equips Italian company with its own 1D length measuring device

Light 1D length measuring machine

Length measuring machines are used especially during production for quality assurance. For this purpose, the company Rebos Oleodinamica SRL, located in the Italian province of Mantova, has purchased a digital 1D length measuring device from Hegewald & Peschke.

Rebos Oleodinamica SRL mainly produces hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, etc. for agricultural machinery. With the length measuring device Rebos measures chrome-plated pipes with a diameter up to 100mm. The lightweight 1D measuring device has a mobile measuring carriage as standard for the attachment of stops, probes and optics. It is also equipped with a magnet incremental measuring system Magnescale® SL 130.

Dimensional metrology from Hegewald & Peschke offers great advantages for the user due to the modular system, since the equipment can be individually assembled. The 1D- length measuring systems can therefore be used for rigid as well as flexible as well as round as well as flat specimens and are designed for different lengths. Due to the enormous manufacturing precision, reproducible measuring accuracies can be guaranteed, for example, for a length of 1.85 m of 0.18 mm or a workpiece length of 3.85m of 0.53 mm.

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