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Modernized hardness tester for the quality testing of heat treated parts

Modernized hardness tester Frank

Older hardness testers often have a long service life and under certain conditions can be retrofitted with modern technology so that the service life is significantly extended. The hardness measurement gains in accuracy and can be made more user-friendly. In many cases, new functions can also be used after modernization.

The company Hegewald & Peschke has extensive know-how in the modernization of older hardness testers. For example, it recently refurbished a Frank small load hardness tester of type 38541 for Härtetechnik Dessau GmbH. The hardness tester was equipped with a digital USB camera, among other things. Meanwhile, the modernized hardness tester is mainly used for hardness progression tests with Vickers load level HV1, where the hardness depth is examined. The HardwinXL hardness testing software is used for test execution and test evaluation.

Härtetechnik Dessau GmbH is the sister company of Schmiedetechnik Dessau GmbH. At Härtetechnik Dessau GmbH, heat treatment such as annealing or tempering is carried out.

Already in 2015 Hegewald & Peschke was able to successfully modernize an electromechanical spindle testing machine Wolpert TZZ400 for Härtetechnik Dessau GmbH. 

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