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Testing elastomers

Successful delivery of an inspekt duo 5 kN and inspekt table 10 kN

Testing device for standard rings

Elastomers are used in a wide variety of applications, including sealing materials, rubber bands and car tyres. Corresponding demands are made on the testing technology.

Recently, two testing machines for the testing of elastomeric materials were delivered:

1.) Inspekt duo 5kN: The inspekt duo 5kN is extended and has a test chamber height of 1325 mm. It is equipped with a motorised standard ring testing device TH44-2 with which O-rings are tested according to the standards DIN 53504, ASTM D412, ISO 5893, BS 3704, ISO 4074, ISO 19671. It is also equipped with a scissors-type clamping fixture and an L1100 long-travel extensometer for determining the tensile strength properties according to ISO 37. The delivery was completed with a sample punching device for the production of shoulder samples type 1 and type 2 according to the standard.

2.) The inspekt table 10kN was delivered with a wedge fixture 14-096-020 for thermoplastic elastomers. The tensile strength test is carried out according to DIN EN ISO 527 and ISO 37 depending on the material. A long-travel extensometer is used which meets the requirements of ISO527 for the determination of the modulus of elasticity.

This machine is also used to test O-rings up to 10 kN with the motorised standard ring testing device TH44-10 and corresponding roller sets.

In addition to quality assurance, which mainly tests the mechanical load capacity (tensile strength and elongation at break), both testing machines are also used in development. The mixing and processing quality of the blends as well as the durability/ageing resistance are to be optimised.


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