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One test bench, two test tasks

Combined test rig for hardness and durability of mattresses

Combined mattress testing rig

A renowned international mattress manufacturer tests with a combined mattress test stand from Hegewald & Peschke as part of its quality assurance. The polyester foams are tested according to the EN 1957 and ASTM 1566 standards. 

The test stand combines the loading device (roller) with the hardness measuring device in one combined unit. This allows an optimal test procedure according to EN 1957. There is no need to move the test specimen during transport, which would falsify the measured value. The test specimen can easily be inserted from the front or the back. In contrast to the standard, mattresses can be tested both lengthwise and crosswise. Individual factory standards form the basis for this. Mattresses up to a height of 400mm can be tested.

The permanent load is applied by a test roller. The system is controlled via a PLC with a touch panel with simple operator guidance. Deviating from the standard, the rolling cycles can be set individually.

The hardness measuring unit consists of a servo-electromotive test axis. The hardness value H and the hardness at rest Hs are automatically calculated and displayed by the LabMaster testing software. The test sequence is parameterised and the measured values are recorded by the testing software.


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