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One testing machine - Two test rooms

Modern testing room concept for large load testing machines

Universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN with lateral test room 100 kN

Bending device and folding device in the lateral test room 100 kN of the testing machine

Testing machines with lateral test room 

Testing machines with lateral test room offer the great advantage that two different tests can be performed ergonomically WITHOUT modification. This saves time and money and is especially interesting for heavy grips and fixtures or oversized bending benches.

A recently delivered testing system includes a universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN with a second lateral testing room. The main testing room is equipped with a 250 kN screw type wedge action grip and an MFX200 long-travel extensometer.  A safety door provides protection against splintering specimen parts. Metal tensile tests are carried out here in accordance to DIN EN ISO 6892-1 standard. In the lateral test room, bending tests up to 100 kN are performed on metal shoulder specimens according to DIN EN ISO 7438. 

The tests are evaluated using the materials testing software LabMaster.

The tensile and bending tests are used to determine the mechanical-technical values of initial sample parts as well as material specimens from the customer's testing department and for the examination of components subject to complaints from customer service and the spare parts business.

Further information about universal testing machines inspekt

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