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Seven at one stroke - H&P builds glass bending testing machines for all European production sites of Guardian Glass

The 10 kN glass testing machines were specially developed for glass bending tests according to DIN EN ISO 1288-3 and punch method according to ISO 614.

Glass is a popular building material: It provides brightness inside buildings and makes rooms appear larger. Glass plays a central role in many innovative construction projects and is often used for prestigious buildings.

One of the world's largest glass manufacturers with production sites all over the world is Guardian Glass. It supplied its glass for the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which was completed in 2008.

With the aim of setting new quality standards for glass production, the manufacturer has equipped its production sites in Europe with glass bending testing machines from Hegewald & Peschke. In addition to the German site in Thalheim, this included all other European sites in Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Russia and Poland.

The 10 kN glass testing machine was specially developed for glass bending tests according to DIN EN ISO 1288-3 and the punch method according to ISO 614. DIN EN ISO 1288 is the standard for determining the bending strength of glass used in construction. This can be simple float glass as well as toughened safety glass. In part 3 of the standard, specimens are tested using the 4-point bending method.

Calculating the durability of glass is difficult. Therefore, destructive tests must be carried out in order to be able to check the strength. The evaluation of the statistical parameter "Characteristic bending tensile strength according to DIN EN 572-1" is one of the values used to calculate the use of glass as a construction material. Here, the strength values of the individual tests are used to determine the probability of breakage of 5% in the lower limit of the confidence interval of 95%.

Operator training at Guardian Glass was conducted via video conferencing and remote access due to current travel and contact restrictions. Extensive videos and pictorial instructions were provided to the customer for transport, installation, commissioning and use of the machines.

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