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Tensile test on screws for the automotive industry

Italian automotive supplier tests with inspekt table 250 kN

Tensile test on screws with the testing machine inspekt table 250 kN

They are used in the construction of complex machines and plants as well as in vehicle construction and in the building industry: screws are one of the most important connecting elements in industry. Mechanical stresses are particularly high at such joints. This makes it all the more important to ensure the durability of screws.

ElleDi SRL is a manufacturer of wheel bolts and wheel nuts for the automotive industry based in Carmagnola near Turin/Italy. The automotive supplier tests with a universal testing machine inspekt table 250 kN, which is used with the appropriate grips and specimen grips as a tensile testing machine for tensile tests on bolts.

The testing system is used to determine the mechanical properties of wheel bolts, such as their tensile strength. Short bolts in particular are challenging to test, as only a short measuring length is available. The choice of the right clamping fixture and the appropriate connection specimen holder must be made all the more carefully. The bolts to be tested are wheel bolts of different geometries, such as crowned and tapered wheel bolts. The specimen holder was made to fit the customer exactly.

The company DEK s.r.l., under the responsibility of Mr. De Chirico, successfully advised ElleDi in the project and represents the products of Hegewald & Peschke in sales and service in Italy.

Together, the briefing could be carried out online via video conference due to the currently valid Corona restrictions.

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