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Testing of fine-blanking parts for the automotive industry

Testing machine from Hegewald & Peschke supports development and production at SCHERDEL

Compression tests on pins on fine-blanking components

Universal testing machine inspekt blue 20 kN with saftey door

A modern car consists of up to 10,000 individual parts, of which around 200 are fine-blanking parts. The fine-blanking process produces components that are characterized by extremely precise, right-angled and tear-free cutting surfaces. Since those parts are for example used in braking systems, belt devices and gearboxes, their function is often safety-relevant and the mechanical stress is usually very high. In order to be able to precisely and reliably meet the resulting high demands on the material and design of these components, they must be tested using various test methods both in the development process and in production-accompanying manufacturing.

The SCHERDEL company has been a supplier to the automotive industry for over 100 years, specializing in technical springs, assemblies and fine-blanking parts, among other things. A universal testing machine inspekt blue 20 kN from Hegewald & Peschke has recently been supporting the development and production of the components at the facility in Chemnitz, Germany.

The testing machine is equipped with a compression plate and a compression piston. This test setup is used to perform compression tests on pins on fine-blanking components. The test is non-destructive and measures the deformation of the pins in the compression direction. By testing the material and the component, both the functionality of the components and the fact that they can withstand the highest mechanical loads with reduced weight are ensured. The operator's work safety during the testing process is ensured by a CE-compliant safety door at the front of the testing machine.


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