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Length measurement on precision steel tubes

Length measuring device "light" for quality assurance at pipe manufacturers

Measuring the tube length of seamless and welded tubes made of steel and stainless steel is an important step in the quality assurance of these products.  Length measuring devices from Hegewald & Peschke are used by various manufacturers of pipes. The light version of the length measuring machine can be used for measuring precision steel pipes up to 3850 mm measuring length with different pipe diameters.

Advantages of the length measuring machines

Length measuring technology from Hegewald & Peschke offers many advantages: It measures the lengths of workpieces quickly and reliably. The results show a high measuring accuracy and reproducibility, even in difficult production environments. The devices for length measurement are available for various measuring lengths in different widths between 1100 mm and 4000 mm.

Accessories for length measurement

Thanks to the flexible modular system, the appropriate measuring accessories can be put together to suit individual requirements. For example, the measuring device can be extended with a line laser module, whereby any points along the workpiece can be optically measured via the line laser. This is used, for example, for the measurement of bores, threads or markings for the uniform elongation of tensile specimens.

Further information about our 1D length measuring devices

Video on the function and operation of the length measuring devices




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