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Modernization of test fields for furniture and component testing with Calmar pro

Sustainable modernization with complex control system and CalMaster testing software

Test fields for furniture testing and component testing from Hegewald & Peschke are used for a wide range of test methods. In addition to durability tests and dynamic and static load tests, functional tests and standard-compliant simulations of the product life cycle according to DIN EN ISO, BIFMA, BS, NEN, GB, GOST, etc. can also be performed. To set up the test sequences and adapt the test fields to a wide variety of test specimens, such as chairs, beds, doors, hinges, etc., they are individually equipped with, for example, electromechanical and pneumatic test axes, drop testers or swivel modules.

State-of-the-art furniture testing technology

The potential of older test stations for furniture and component testing is often not fully exploited, for example in terms of software. Existing furniture testing stations can be modernized to the current Calmar pro standard from Hegewald & Peschke. For this purpose, the test stations are retrofitted with a complex control system and the CalMaster testing software with user interface and the possibility of real-time monitoring.

Powerful testing software for furniture and component testing

CalMaster is a flexible testing software for single and multi-axial testing. It enables the control of the test system as well as the synchronization of several test axes to one test task. The modular concept of the software allows to create individual test templates. Tests based on existing templates or according to the standardization; e.g. EN1335, EN581, EN1728, BS5459 or BIFMA X5.1, can be easily started, stored traceable in a database, evaluated and logged.


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