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Testing machine for complex component tests on battery cells/battery modules

Test system for the analysis of battery cell composites for electric vehicles

Test system for the analysis of battery cell composites for electric vehicles

Many large car manufacturers are currently focusing on the development and production of electric and hybrid vehicles. The share of electromobility is growing steadily. Particular importance is being attached to the energy storage systems in motor vehicles. Nevertheless, there are many unresolved aspects.

A German car manufacturer has now invested in an inspekt 100 kN universal testing machine to examine battery cell composites for electric vehicles. The testing system allows compression tests in a temperature range from -40°C to +120°C. In addition to thermal and mechanical stress, the battery charging and discharging behaviour is also examined. For this purpose, a battery cell tester is integrated into the testing system with universal testing machine and temperature chamber. LabMaster - the testing software for material testing and component testing from Hegewald & Peschke - ensures optimum interaction between the individual components. 

The testing system can be operated under compressed air as well as under inert conditions and has various sensor systems to meet the safety requirements of such a complex test set-up. Within the temperature chamber, which is equipped with a sand floor, the concentrations of the gases hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide as well as the relative humidity are monitored. The test system also synchronously records the physical parameters temperature, force, displacement and the variables voltage and current, which are of interest for the holistic evaluation of the tests on the battery cells. By combining the test procedures, the life cycle of battery cells in electric vehicles can be simulated very realistically. These are exposed to various stresses in their intended use. For example, this includes pressure loads in the event of an accident, thermal loads due to charging processes or the ambient conditions and also the possible interaction of these influencing factors.

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