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Second hand testing machines

All prices are net prices and relate only to the articles below without any further accessories, delivery, labour costs, software or connection to existing testing technology.

All information is without guarantee.

Screw type wedge action grips 250 kN

Item number:

  • self clamping system with wedge action
  • 250 kN
  • incl. 4 clamping jaws compact (item number: 250.360.0.3.0)
  • profile saw tooth lamella
  • specimen thickness 0-60mm

suitable for the mounting on universal testing machines with tool loader LK135-12xM12

Price and delivery on request

Wedge grips 50 kN and clamping jaws

Item number: 14-096-050

  • used
  • good condition
  • adapted for the mounting on universal testing machines with tool holder R36/18

+ 1 pair of clamping jaws:

clamping jaws, flat 0-10-mm, light wear

clamping jaws, round 4-10 mm, almost no wear

clamping jaws, round 8-14 mm, in mint condition

Prices and delivery on request

Thread clamp 10 N

Item number: THS205-K

  • new
Price and delivery on demand

Air cushion pallet

Item number: 14-094-201 and 14-094-202

  • used
  • workpiece carrier 600mm x 450mm with carrying air system
  • for pressure tests, component and hardness testing
  • adapted for the mounting on the lower fixed crosshead UTM series inspekt table 50 (large) - 250 kN with support table

in combination with workpiece support (fine-milled steel plate), series Inspekt table LR2 Standard

Price and delivery on demand

Stand for hardness tester AT130/AT250

Item number: ST02T+28

  • new
Price and delivery on demand 

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