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Second hand testing machines

All prices are net prices and relate only to the articles below without any further accessories, delivery, labour costs, software or connection to existing testing technology.

All information is without guarantee.

Testing machine for glass bending tests according to EN 1288-3 and stamp pressure tests according to ISO 614

Item number: 10-012-516

  • second-hand, good condition

The testing machine is modernized with current control and measuring electronics based on EDC.

Mechanical construction:

  • backlash-free ball screw (centrally located above test area), drive via AC motor, capacity Fmax = 50kN (tension/compression)
  • 1 working chamber (up to nominal load), maximum working chamber width (free passage) 2000 mm, maximum working chamber depth approx. 1300 mm, 3 sides fully closed
  • test stroke without test tools: 500 mm
  • Work table height (above floor): approx. 760 mm plus fixtures (test tools, fixtures)

Dimensions and weights:

  • Machine: WxDxH approx. 2475 mm x 1800 mm x 2400 mm, 1,300 kg
  • Controller: WxDxH approx. 290 mm x 290 mm x 650 mm / 30kg

Standard functions:

  • force- displacement- strain controlled, overload protection, automatic force calibration, control panel for manual operation
  • Specimen break detector, return function, manual fine positioning of the crosshead.

Data processing: USB 2.0 interface or LAN

  • data transmission rate to PC:50Hz (standard), optionally higher data acquisition frequency via special software add-on module and data acquisition cards
  • internal data processing rate 2 ms

Connection conditions: 115/230 VAC, 0,7 kVA, 50/60 Hz, 5- 40°C, 20- 80 % humidity

Scope of delivery: Testing machine with measurement and control electronics, hand control for manual setup operation, protective cover with electrical interlock, specimen collection container.

Options required for operation: Load cell, adapter set, test tools, LabMaster user software, PC

Price and delivery time on request

Tragbares Härteprüfgerät Dynatest SC


  • gebraucht

Tragbarer Härteprüfer mit hoher Prüflast

  • Sonderskalen: HB10, N/mm² für weiches Eisen von 150 bis 750 N/mm², N/mm² für weiches Aluminium 150 bis 750 N/mm²

Tragbares Härteprüfgerät Dynatest SCX


  • sehr guter Zustand (Vorführgerät)

Tragbares Härteprüfgerät mit hoher Prüflast

  • Akku und Prismenfuß inklusive
  • Skalen: Standard HRC, 1HB30, 2HB30
  • Sonderskalen auf Anfrage

Gebrauchtes Härteprüfgerät AT 250DR


  • gebraucht, guter Zustand
  • mit Stativ ST02 lieferbar
  • Prüfverfahren: Eindringtiefenmessung mit Andruckhülse
  • Prüfkraftaufbringung: manuell
  • digitale Härtewertanzeige und Messwertausgabe
  • Rockwell-Härteprüfung nach DIN EN ISO 6508
  • Vickers-Härteprüfung in Anlehnung an DIN EN ISO 6507
  • Brinell-Härteprüfung in Anlehnung an DIN EN ISO 6506

Preis und Lieferzeit auf Anfrage

Mobiles Härteprüfgerät Computest SC


  • gebraucht
  • guter Zustand

Preis und Lieferzeit auf Anfrage

Mobiles Härteprüfgerät Esatest Handy


  • gebraucht
  • guter Zustand

Preis und Lieferzeit auf Anfrage


Vickers/Brinell-Hardness tester DiaTestor2RC

Wolpert, serial number 6959

  • used (year of construction: 1970)
  • good condition

Price and delivery on demand

Hardness tester Vickers Brinell HPO250

Item number: 20-020-000

  • used (year of construction: 1956), but completely retrofitted
  • repainted
  • new indentor
  • electrical retrofit
  • modernized mechanics
  • NEW: LED lighting
  • factory servicing when required

Price and delivery on demand

Screw type wedge action grips 250 kN

Item number:

  • self clamping system with wedge action
  • 250 kN
  • incl. 4 clamping jaws compact (item number: 250.360.0.3.0)
  • profile saw tooth lamella
  • specimen thickness 0-60mm

suitable for the mounting on universal testing machines with tool loader LK135-12xM12

Price and delivery on request

Wedge grips 50 kN and clamping jaws

Item number: 14-096-050

  • used
  • good condition
  • adapted for the mounting on universal testing machines with tool holder R36/18

+ 1 pair of clamping jaws:

clamping jaws, flat 0-10-mm, light wear

clamping jaws, round 4-10 mm, almost no wear

clamping jaws, round 8-14 mm, in mint condition

Prices and delivery on request


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