Testing of the mechanical properties of solar cells

Inspekt mini 3kN for the testing of solar modules

Testing of solar modules

Solar modules are subject to great temperature and weather fluctuations during their long service life. This requires high demands on their quality. In order to survive against the growing competition in the field of solar energy, a high quality of solar modules and simultaneous savings in production costs are therefore of vital importance. There are various options for testing the quality of solar modules.

Test solution for thin-film solar modules

The inspekt mini 3kN universal testing machine is a versatile machine. It has been designed as a particularly light table-top version for simple standard tests as well as customer-specific, demanding tasks. It can be converted into a machine for testing thin-film solar modules by means of a special specimen device for solar module testing. These solar modules are made of laminated glass without frames. They differ from thick-film modules in terms of their production and the layer thickness of the materials used. On the rear of the modules there are backrails for mechanical fixation as well as junction boxes (J-Box) with cable and plug for current output.

Testing standards for solar module testing

Standardized testing standards for testing the mechanical properties of solar modules do not yet exist, or only to a limited extent. This makes it all the more important to find the right inspection solution. We will be happy to advise you (contact form).

In this example, the tests are carried out with the aim of quality control in accordance with DIN EN ISO 527-3: Determination of tensile properties Part 3: Test conditions for foils and sheets.


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