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Pneumatic Grips

Single-sided pneumatic grips

  • Single-sided closing system with manually adjustable clamping counter bearing
  • Direct-acting cylinder
  • Special design: indirect power transmission with cylinder mounted in opposite direction

Double-sided pneumatic grips

  • compact design
  • only for centric clamping

Pneumatic wedge type grips

  • suitable for usage in temperature chamber: -70 to +280°C
  • incl. Teflon seal
  • variable length of extension rods
  • available in the versions 10 kN /20 kN

Advantages of Pneumatic Grips

  • versatile application possibilities:
    • suitable for testing fibers, foils, paper, textiles, plastics, strips, tapes, wires
    • suitable for materials sensitive to clamping forces
  • high efficiency for testing large quantities
  • low changeover effort when testing different specimens
  • constant and optimally adjustable reproducible pretensioning force
  • constant controllable gripping force over the entire test
  • cost-effective, lighter and smaller required space compared to hydraulic grips
  • ergonomic operation either by hand or foot switch
  • depending on the design (single-sided or double-sided closing), both symmetrical and asymmetrical clamping possible

Control Unit for Pneumatic Grips

For the control of pneumatic grips, Hegewald & Peschke offers 3 different control options. The optimum control unit is selected on the basis of the clamping fixture used, its risk and the intended application. The main focus is placed on an operation adapted to the specific test sequence with a high level of safety and an attractive price.

Operator safety is realized in all variants by a fixed reduced closing speed of the grips and can be combined with a reduced closing pressure as well as an emergency stop.

All control units are equipped with a maintenance unit with lockable closing and pressure control valve as well as restart protection.



Pneumatic control units

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