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Shear frame testing system

The shear frame testing system is for testing the tensile load of textiles and textile-reinforced plastics (e.g. composites, prepregs or organic sheets) with different bond types. By using the shearing device and evaluating the shear force shear angle diagrams calculated with it, it is possible to make statements about the expected deformability of materials. These are relevant, for example, for draping, a manufacturing process in which flat semi-finished products are applied to curved surfaces.


  • characterization of material properties at different temperatures
  • efficient clamping, so that the specimens do not slip out of the grips and no damage occurs at the transition to the clamping area
  • application of defined preloads in the range from approx. 0N to 200N
  • low-friction mechanics under all ambient conditions for high measuring accuracy
  • high stiffness and strength
  • determination of the parameters limit angle and critical shear angle

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