"Furniture testing rig for drop testing on chairs and tables according to BIFMA X5.1, EN 1335 BS 5459
Test portal for drop tests

Test portal for drop tests

Moveable drop test stand for impact loading on seating furniture, upholsteries, tables and beds

  • Drop test rig for individual tests on chairs, tables, upholstery, mattresses, beds and other furniture according to BIFMA X5.1, ISO 7173, EN 1335, BS 5459
  • test portal moveable with a clear height of 2000mm
  • drop test rig position-controlled with a drop height of 1-770mm
  • test is carried out automatically by a PLC after the parameters are set
  • several standardised drop weights between 9.1kg and 136kg, and seat impactor are included with the basic test rig

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