"EN 1335" "EN 1728" "BS 5459" "seating furniture testing" "furniture test rig"
Universal furniture testing rig

Universal test field

Universal test field for alternating bending tests on seating furniture, upholstery, and tables

  • testing of seat, seat back, arm rests and side to side test on seat and upholstery furniture as well as horizontal and vertical testing of tables in accordance to current standards, e.g. EN 1335-3, EN 581-2-3, EN1728, EN 527-3 and BIFMA X5.1
  • integrated  drop testing and testing of casters on seat furniture acc. to EN 1335, EN 68878, EN 1728, DIN 4551, DIN 4545,  EN 581-2, BIFMA X5.1, refer to article 40-920-182 
  • standard test frame dimensions of 2400x2400x2000or 3600x2400x2000 (width x length x height in mm) arbitrarily extendable, modifiable
  • traverses with axes are mounted on roller bearings and  can be freely positioned
  • variably equippable with any number of load-controlled or load/position-controlled pneumatic test axes with 5kN load cells Test loads till 1500N / 2500N / 4500N (according to dimension of the test axis)
  • test stand with our extensive testing and evaluation software and visualization
  • supply terminal for 5 test axes for central compressed air and power connection, with moveble framework for PC/TFTunit
  • including load pads and set of fixing elements for various specimens

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