Test stand for mattress hardness and durability testing according to EN1957 and ASTM F1566
Combined test rig for the testing of hardness and durability of mattresses

Test stand for mattresses and cushion frames

Combined test stand for durability and hardness tests on mattresses and cushion frames

  • Entire testing according to EN 1957 in one test stand possible
  • No falsification of measured values because no rearrangements or transport of the mattresses and cushion frames between the durability test and the measurement of the hardness values H and HS are necessary
  • The system can also be used for tests according to ASTM F1566 (necessary accessories: corresponding pressure plate for hardness testing, roller for tests according to ASTM F1566)
  • The adjustable testing table frame guarantees a high flexibility for specimens of different sizes
  • Flexible test parameter entry (e.g. number of cycles, test load)
  • Automatic shutdown of the machine when the pre-set number of cycles is reached
  • Exensive testing and evaluation software

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