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Testing Of Drawers, Drawer Guidings And Functional Fittings

Electromotive linear axes

Electromotive linear axes for the testing of rotary doors, sliding doors, roller doors, filing cabinets and drawers

With electromotive linear axes (linear modules), a wide range of test setups can be realized simply, solidly and precisely.

  • static, cyclic and dynamic loads
  • endurance tests, functional tests, fatigue tests
  • e.g. testing of hinged doors, sliding doors, roller doors, filing cabinets, drawers and hinges according to EN 14749 and EN 14074
  • e.g. rolling test according to the standards BIFMA/ANSI X5.1, EN 1335-3 and ES 1038 with and without thresholds on seating furniture, containers and rolling tables

Testing rig for fittings

Testing rig for the testing of fittings, hinges and folding mechanisms

  • frame is mounted ca. 200 mm high (on vibration-absorbing feet which can be fixed to the floor)
  • frame dimensions ca. 1,6 m x 1,8 m, in the specimen area 1,2 m x 1,8 m, with grid hole system 150 mm x 150mm M10
  • motor-driven height-adjustable frame construction for the electromotive pivoting unit; installation in existing test rig

Linear module

Linear axis for testing cabinet doors, drawers and rollers

With this testing system, endurance tests can be carried out on revolving, sliding, horizontally moving roller and folding doors, cabinets and drawers in furniture pieces and castors of various types of furniture. The linear unit of the test stand is controlled and operated from the PC via a special testing machine controller.

Test stand for ladder testing in acc. to EN131

Testing of ladders

Force-controlled Calmar Pro test rig for vertical ladder tests, 2 cylinders for vertical testing according to EN 131, with testing and evaluation software CalMaster.

The pneumatic test axes each have their own controllers assembled in the immediate vicinity, which are operated from a PC via CAN-bus and work synchronised. Pressurized air and power is supplied to the test axis from the central supply terminal.

Long-term test stand

Test stand for long-term tests on drawers, drawer guidings and functional fittings

  • tests according to EN 15338, EN 1727 und DIN 68898
  • tests with the pneumatic test axis can be carried out load- or position-controlled
  • stroke up to 800 mm, test speed up to 0.3 m/s test load up to 1500N

Horizontal impact testing

Horizontal shock testing device (basketball test)

  • stability testing of seating furniture, tables, stools and drawer units according to BS 4875-8 and EN 13150
  • testing device is a horizontal shock testing device (basketball), which is blown up to a pressure of 73.5 +/- 5kPa and hangs on flexible wire ropes with a length of 850mm

Test stand for furniture fittings

Combined test rig for position adjustments of fittings on bedframes, upholstered and seating furniture

  • testing of adjusting mechanics for the headboards of beds according to EN 1725, EN 1727, EN 15338 und DIN 68898
  • testing of different height adjustments for the head rests of upholstered and seating furniture
  • testing of the locking function on functional fittings

test rig for durability tests on doors

Test rig for durability tests on doors according to EN 14727

  • this test stand can test the quality of different types of doors by means of durability testing according to EN 14727
  • after the door is fixed to the frame, the test cylinder sways the door via a rotation axis
  • another small pneumatic cylinder is responsible for actuating the closing mechanism (locking and unlocking) on the door

Universal test stand for linear movements

Testing device for drawers, drawer guidings and functional fittings

  • tests according to EN 15338, EN 1727 and DIN 68898
  • testing device can be operated as stationary or mobile model
  • servo linear axis with electromotive height adjustment

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